10th Reunion and more

Posted by tom | Oct 15, 2006

Back to the Grove! So great to see friends that had disappeared, such as Jason Berry (and meet his wife Angela), and see friends that we had stayed in touch w/but hadn't seen for a decade, Hi! to Angel and Chris and your 4 amazing kids! We also had lots of time w/those we've seen the most . . . Janine and Byrn, Marcy & Arlan, Libby, Peter and Becky, and the Baileys to name a few. Hoping to stay in touch more w/so many of you (and have you over when the house is finished).

How about Arlan, the honorary member of the class, carrying the banner w/Ethan (Grunden) and one of our student helpers! Here's a couple of other pics. By-the-way, I'd love to post some pics of your family and/or your great homecoming pics in my "friends are like family" section. Please forward them my direction via email.

Congrats to Starry and Justin for their engagment, wish we would have had some time to catch-up at the IVMF reunion :-)

PS. Here's a link to a pic of Trevor James Brandt. Just heard Stephanie (Fleming) Coyer had her 3rd son, Samuel, on Sept 4 and that Robin is expecting. Missed you at homecoming :( If you haven't already, check Peter and Becky (Dunbar) Bowersox's blog for updates on the kids they're adopting from Liberia.

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