Lent: 2nd Sunday

Posted by tom | Mar 10, 2007

The Lord has been pressing much upon my life. Pray for focus as I lead In the Shadow of the Cross. Last week I introduced the Adult Education Class using Dennis Bratcher's The Season of Lent, some material by Kenneth Bailey on The Parable of the Lost Sons, an overview of the Biblical Story, Psalm 51, and closed with Prayer of St. Ephraim (or Ephraem) the Syrian.

Tomorrow (after waking up too early, considering my runny nose and the time change), I'll open the class with a time of silent prayer in Psalm 51 and for the missionaries highlighted by the Brethren-in-Christ's World Prayer Day.  Then we'll dive into the first section of N.T. Wright's DVD on Evil and based on his Evil and the Justice of God (note:  earlier post on Evil and the Justice of God).  After some discussion regarding the questions provided by the DVD study guide . . .

1. We can't honestly look at the world without realizing there is serious evil going on all the time. What are some specific instances of evil -- whether political, social, natural, or personal -- that we see in the world around us?

2. In what ways do the "arrogance of modern life" and society's belief in progress fail to allow room for an honest assessment of evil and a genuine need for God?

3. How does labeling others as "evil" enable us to treat them as if they don't matter and even perpetrate injustice against them?

4. What steps can we take toward accepting that evil is not just "out there" in others, but in all of us as well?

5. "When people deny the humanity of others, they become evil themselves." Explain what this statement means and how it happens.

6. What can we do to avoid being pulled along this evil pathway?

As we close I'll bring attention to Brethren-in-Christ Lenten Resources, Christianity Today's Lenten Resources, and St. Patrick's Day Resources (for giving testimony to the work of God in St. Patrick's life over the course of the coming week. By-the-way, A Poem by St. Patrick and The Confession of St. Patrick are choice pieces for Lenten prayer and reflective consideration).

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    Then of course you must sing my Favorite Hymn of All Time:  St. Patrick's Breastplate!

    Posted by SursumCorda, Mar 10 2007, 20:57

    Thank-you, what a great idea! I'll play the music in the background during the opening time of silent, reflective prayer, providing Psalm 51 and words to piece. I'll return St. Patrick's Breastplate when wrapping up the class. -- Tom

    Posted by Tom, Mar 10 2007, 21:16
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