Blogging vs. Journaling

Posted by tom | Aug 15, 2007

Still reflecting upon Barry R. Glassner, Executive Vice Provost at the U. of Southern California's April 20, 2007 piece Protect Your Perceptions: If you haven’t already done so, start a diary — not a blog but an old-fashioned diary that you write for yourself to preserve your private observations, feelings, and questions about what you have experienced these past several weeks. No one else possesses these, and they will slip away from you faster than you can imagine.

When I started groshlink, I moved a number of dairy/journal items to the public domain. But I have not always been able to share as much in this venue and I've noted a growing desire for more consistent journaling of my walk with God. I've placed some thoughts on-line, but at other times material has stayed in the paper/laptop journal (note:  I still have various papers which assmbled make a paper journal for sermon reflections, as I haven't started bringing my laptop to our local assembly, but as time permits, I prefer to transfer the material on my laptop). Anyone else have some similar ruminations?  Any recommendations or articles you've come across which give thoughts on the topic?

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