"Chick" This Out

Posted by theresa | Mar 8, 2008

On Friday we adopted Lucky Fluffernutter, the lone chick from Hayley and Ellen's classroom embryology unit. Each second grade class was given 12 eggs to hatch. All 12 of their class's eggs died. Another class generously gave two more eggs to them, of which one hatched. Appropriately, they agreed to name him "Lucky." It's now up to us to keep this chick alive--single-handedly holding the delicate psyches of 25 second graders in the balance.

I, Theresa, did a quick perusal of the internet to learn the finer points of raising a chick. In my search I read about a common affliction, delicately known as "pasty butt." Let your imagination wander just for a second and you'll probably come to the correct conclusion. Sometimes chick poop becomes stuck to the hind end of the chick on its way out. As it accumulates it can form a plug. If not removed the chick can actually die. As I met Lucky for the first time yesterday at the school I noticed his hind end was not looking too pretty. Upon further internet perusal, I decided Lucky suffered from this unfortunate condition. Again, thinking of those 25 second graders who already weathered the devastating losses of 13 eggs, I got a rag and warm water and set to work. Poor Lucky looked a little worse for the wear after my treatment, but cleaner. This morning I went after him again. Later in the day I was pleased to see clean yellow fuzzy feathers covering his hind end (a chick with a wet hind end is a pathetic sight indeed). Someone in the blogosphere thought that giving the chick a little oatmeal in with its food helps to prevent Pasty Butt. I may try that tomorrow if he seems "stopped up" again. Seems to work for humans...

Currently, Lucky lives in a cardboard box in the family room along with Avery, a canary we are birdsitting. Lucky has a hearty chirp. I wouldn't be at all disappointed if he takes some singing lessons from Avery. A canary's song is much more pleasant to the ears than a rooster's. Don't ask what we're going to do when he outgrows the box. He hasn't outgrown it yet, therefore we don't know yet. One day at a time we like to say around here.

Interestingly, when you google "chick water dish" (I was looking for directions on how to make one) about half the hits are recipes.

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    about half the hits are recipes.

    What are chickens for?

    Posted by Carl, Mar 8 2008, 08:29

    Here's another site to check out for chicken info:

    Posted by
    SursumCorda, Mar 8 2008, 08:57

    Hmm, your site seems not to have liked the rest of my comment! Plain censorship, that's what I call it. Must be the anti-chicken lobby at work.

    Posted by SursumCorda, Mar 8 2008, 09:00

    In a few days your chick will be able to hop out of the box and yes they make quite a racket, having raised 2 incubator chicks myself. To preserve the psyches of the little ones, I won't mention what happened to them. But, keep the chicken as it will entertain Adam for hours this summer!

    Posted by Karen, Mar 11 2008, 12:14

    Dear Mrs.Grosh, I Like HOW

    Posted by Keyonna, May 29 2008, 15:17
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