Lucky Fluffernutter Flourishes

Posted by theresa | Mar 17, 2008

Having survived his first week in our home, Lucky is flourishing.  He eats at least 2 dishes of feed each day and his wings have sprouted "real" feathers. He's also become more skittish of being picked up. I suppose we should handle him more if we want him to become more pet-like.

[Note:  Visit the Lucky Comes Home to Roost folder to keep track of the photos.]

Most importantly we need to seriously think about what kind of home he will move into next. We'd like him to be outside, yet protected from predators and the elements.  But what do we do in the winter? Can a chicken survive outside alone all winter? Maybe we'll get some cute Easter pictures with a real live chick this year.  Just so he doesn't poop on the new Easter dresses...

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    Yes, a chicken can survive alone in the winter. But I know you want a little chicken get little fluffy a friend!

    Posted by Yo! It's your Sis, Mar 19 2008, 17:09
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