Lucky's New Home

Posted by theresa | Apr 6, 2008

One day last week Lucky hopped up onto the top edge of his carboard box.  Fortuitously we saw this day coming and had just borrowed a rabbit cage from Tom's parents. So the next day, we moved Lucky to his new digs. As Eden says, Ucky have new home! We're still using the heat lamp, especially since the cage is draftier than the box. Ellen and Hayley are very good about giving him clean water twice a day. Lucky is very curious. If you stick the thermometer through the cage he likes to peck at it. And the other day when I cleaned Avery's cage (the canary), I set Avery's cage on some paper on the floor next to Lucky and Lucky was very interested in his fellow fowl. Normally Avery's cage hangs on a stand high above Lucky's cage so this was the first they saw beak to beak. Check out the new pictures and note Lucky's new big bird feathers.

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