Lucky Bird

Posted by theresa | Apr 21, 2008


I'm a Lucky Bird!

On Thursday the weather was sufficiently warm enough to take Lucky outside for the first time. I expected him to dart out of his cage and run, but instead he preferred to hang around the girls and I. Even when we weren't directly paying attention to him he didn't wander off. And darned if I didn't begin to feel just a little, shall we call it, affection for this fowl! Eventually the 3 kids tired of watching a chicken wander around and went inside to watch tv. I on the other hand, continued to sit in the warm spring sunshine with a young chicken sticking close to my side. He preferred to stand underneath my chair. Then I decided to assemble a little red wagon that we had purchased in January, so I brought that out. Lucky then preferred to stand inside the box that the wagon came in.

So I was impressed with two things from this experience:
1) Lucky is friendlier than I imagined.  He always seemed kind of skittish when he was in his cage and we would approach.  But in the yard he seemed to prefer our company.
2) Eden was gentler with him than I would have imagined. She tried her hardest to hold Lucky, but Lucky was not accomodating.  She got close though. She would pet him very gently. And at one point she got some dirt on her hand and tried to "feed" it to Lucky, very patiently.

I always get a laugh when she "calls" Lucky to come to her.  She sticks her hands out and says, "Come here, Lucky!" Maybe a chicken isn't such a crazy pet after all.

Note:  More pics here.

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