Our Boy is Growing Up

Posted by tom | May 25, 2008

Our Boy is Growing Up. ... Maybe it's because we have no sons in our family that I think of our chicken as our boy, but our boy figured out how to crow this week.  Hayley and Ellen heard him first since they are the ones outside taking care of him every day, but I heard him for myself for the first time on Friday.  It's a pleasant cock-a-doodle-do at this point -- not so loud yet and very occasional.  I suspect that will change. Unfortunately, I think his maturation also includes his personality which has morphed from a gentle, even Eden could hold him, chicken to a typical territorial rooster who pecks at your hands when you reach into his house to change his food and water.  He's also much more difficult to catch if need be.

Friday was a big day for Lucky Fluffernutter.  He visited Mrs. Spickler's second grade class -- the kids who so carefully raised him from egg to hatchling.

It was quite a reunion!  Lucky was confined to the rabbit cage for the journey and visit.  The cage sat atop Eden's wagon.  In the back of the minivan the wagon would roll from side to side with every turn I made, Lucky slamming into one side and then the other. Well, it wasn't so bad! It was a minivan ride, not an ATV. The kids were so surprised to see how different Lucky looks, hardly resembling the yellow ball of fluff that cowered in the corner of the cardboard box. They sat in a circle around the cage and asked questions about Lucky.

How tall is he?

How much does he weigh?

What does he eat?

Where are his ears?

Then they discovered that Lucky will peck at hair if it dangles into his cage. And fingers. And my gloves (surprised to find a hole in my gloves on Saturday...). It was sad to say good-bye to an old friend.

Considering my condition I won't be bringing Lucky to visit Mrs. Spickler's class again. The kids will have to be content with these blogposts. I hope you enjoy the updates, boys and girls. I'd like to know what you think about Lucky and the experience of taking care of the eggs and hatching Lucky. Would you consider commenting on this blog so that others can read your thoughts? And, just for the record, Mrs. Spickler has the coolest class in the world, don't you think so?!!

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    Dear Mom, Thank you for bring Lucky in! I can't wait till the baby comes! I would like to spend time together Love,Ellie

    Posted by Ellie, May 27 2008, 15:21

    Dear Mommy,
    Tank you for taking the time to bring in Lucky.
    Your the best Mommy!

    Posted by Hayley, May 27 2008, 15:22

    Dear Mrs.Grosh thank you for bringing lucky in.
    you are thankful. your friend Neil.

    Posted by Neil, May 28 2008, 15:17

    Dear Mrs.Grosh, Thank you for bring Lucky in!!I like you sooooo MUCH!! Love,Alyssa Posted by Alyssa,315

    Posted by Alyssa, May 28 2008, 15:17
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