If Christianity is truth, it ought to

Posted by tom | Jul 24, 2008

Miller, who is thankful for the months he was able to be close to Francis and Edith Schaeffer at Swiss L'Abri and go with them on their Christmas vacation at the Matterhorn area, passed along the below quote from  Colin Duriez's Francis Schaeffer:  An Authentic Life.

Francis Schaeffer: "I would say if Christianity is truth, it ought to touch on the whole of life.  The modern drift in some evangelical circles toward being emotionally and exprientially based is really very, very weak.  The other side of the coin, though, is that Christianity must never be reduced merely to an intellectual system.  It too has to touch the whole of life, which mean the devotional and so on. ... After all, if God is there, if it isn't just an answer to an intellectual question, then he's really there.  We should love him, we're called upon to adore him, to be in relationship to him, and, incidentally to obey him." -- p. 220. 

PS.  For a book review of and discount on Francis Schaeffer:  An Authentic Life, check out this Hearts and Minds Books page.  BTW, this Crossway link has book overview, endorsements, and Preface/Chapter 1.  Wish they had posted the pics, particularly the one of Schaeffer preaching at the Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grove City, PA, which we attended a many years later while students at Grove City College. 

PPS. You may remember, I have several posts on the controversy regarding Francis' legacy provoked by his son Frank's book Crazy for God, see Os Guinness responds to Crazy for God (which also has links to earlier posts).

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