Lucky's friend

Posted by theresa | Aug 8, 2008

We've been negligent in posting updates on our fine feathered friend. The big news is that Lucky now enjoys the company of a lady friend whom Hayley and Ellen named Lucia. Lucia is a layer hen but thus far has only laid one egg for us. It's likely that the trauma of moving to her new home will put her into a molt so we're not holding our breath for more eggs any time soon.

For their first week together Lucky was terrified of Lucia and would "fly" to the opposite end of the chicken tractor whenever she approached him. But after a week of forced companionship he finally realized she was not a threat to his life and started to crow again. Now they get along fine. The girls have somehow even "trained" the chickens to walk up the plank into their house in the evening. This beats trying to catch 2 chickens every night before going to bed. Some nights it took a really long time and multiple adults helping. We generally lock them in their house overnight so that the clever racoons around our house won't have a chicken dinner.

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