Calvin’s Crucial Contribution to Anglicanism

Posted by tom | Oct 17, 2008

Thank-you to Miller for passing along a link to Justyn Terry's lecture on Calvin’s Crucial Contribution to Anglicanism from Grove City's recent Evangelical Scholarship Conference (Note:  2008-2009 lecture schedule posted here). Justyn Terry is President of Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry, where he also serves as Professor of Systematic Theology. By-the-way, the page demonstrates how much our alma mater has stepped into the technological age as it includes notes in Word, Powerpoint (w/a great plug for of Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry at the end), and video.

With regard to the content, I really appreciated Terry's consideration of    

  1. The three-legged stool with a priority to Scripture. 
  2. The Church as ‘political society’ and ‘supernatural society’ – with divine purpose, i.e., the mystical church 
  3. The things necessary/essential to salvation and accessories/indifferent
  4. Stress on the faith of believer in the Lord's Supper and not how Christ is present/not present

May the Lord grant, that we may engage in contemplating the mysteries of his heavenly wisdom with really increasing devotion, to his glory and to our edification. Amen. -- John Calvin, used at the beginning of his lectures.

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