Lily's First Meal

Posted by theresa | Jan 6, 2009

After living exclusively on breastmilk every day of her life, Lily ventured into the world of solid food on Monday.  She had her first taste of whole grain rice cereal mixed with formula.  And the verdict?  Lily hated it!  After tasting it a few times she started to gag.  That's when I gave it a rest.

But I mixed up some more later in the day and although you wouldn't know it by her disgusted facial expressions, Lily liked it better than the first time.  Eventually she started to open her mouth when I put the spoon in front of her.  But she still grimaced when the food went in.  But boy, was she cute!  Mouth open wide with those two little, new teeth peeping out from the bottom gum.  And eyes screwed shut, nose wrinkled up (Note: click on the photo for larger size to see expression).  Hey, it's not my cooking.  I won't take it personally.  And Eden loved the show ;-)

Lily's sitting pretty well on her own now too.  All of a sudden she seems so much older...

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    She's getting so big!

    Posted by Becky, Jan 6 2009, 20:43
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