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Posted by tom | Mar 17, 2009

Last week at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate & Faculty Ministry (GFM) Staff Team Meetings, the Lord led me to sit beside and take part in a small group with John Decker from Youth Transition Initiative (YTI).  After the first session we were paging through Next Steps files, from my on-line resource album.  What an amazing opportunity to share:

  1. Next Steps 2 Session Overview
  2. Next Steps PPT (PDF)
  3. Next Steps Paradigm
  4. Next Steps Rumspringa Handout

AND watch the below video from the Youth Transition Initiative (YTI).  If you're on Facebook, join the Cause.

Later in the GFM Team Meetings, I shared Next Steps material with several other staff workers who desired to have conversation with partner congregations regarding the transition from high school to college.  AND our conference speaker, Gordon T. Smith (president of reSource Leadership International and part time professor at Regent College in Vancouver) briefly highlighted the importance of the parental peer group in laying out/living out the foundation of faith for you.  Yes!  I'll be working some thoughts on this topic into the next version of the material. 

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    Random connection: The same Gordon Smith was my pastor in Manila when I was in high school.

    Posted by Peter V, Mar 18 2009, 10:30
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