Eden's ready for the fall term

Posted by tom | Aug 29, 2009

Over the past couple weeks, Eden has mentioned again and again how much she can't wait for her new teacher.  And the first week of preschool has been great, not only with the new teacher but also with her therapists.  Recently Eden's begun mentioning her enthusiasm for her new Sunday School instructor.  Praise God! 

Pray for her ability to stay on her two feet as kids run around at Sunday School, Preschool (Tuesday & Friday mornings), Children's Choir (Wednesday evening), and Playhouse (Thursday morning).  And join us in rejoicing for how well Eden's playing inside/outside at various intergenerational social events, such as today's pool party with some friends from Grove City College.  Note:  there were 9 adults, 11 kids. Pics coming, but at present it's time for some rest.  

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