Little Miss Muffet

Posted by tom | Oct 21, 2009

When Eden requested reading Little Miss Muffet during her afternoon quiet time on Monday, I was struck by how seldom I've read Mother Goose to my girls.  Going through the upstairs book collection, I found Richard Scarry's Best MOTHER GOOSE Ever (Golden Books, 1964).  Eden loved it and drifted off to sleep. 

As always, Richard Scarry delivered a creative depiction of the stories being told.  What a joy to read through the whole Richard Scarry's Best MOTHER GOOSE Ever and leave Eden with

Good night,
Sleep tight
Wake up bright
In the morning light,
To do what's right
With all your might.

May it be so! 

PS.  Much better than Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. ... I wonder if the bed bugs bit next door as Lily woke up shortly after I left Eden's room and started writing this post.  Gotta go, maybe I should give Lily a reading of Richard Scarry's Best MOTHER GOOSE Ever ;-)

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