Eden's Ride in the Virtual Ambulance

Posted by tom | Mar 17, 2010

Over the past several weeks, Eden's found ambulances of great interest and used her medical kids toys to exam family members numerous times.* On Sunday, we passed by an accident with an ambulance arriving and followed a second ambulance for about a mile.** So when we arrived at my parent's she went straight to the computer to find a picture of the inside of an ambulance and find out just what the bed looked like.  We looked at several sites, but she particularly liked taking the 360 tour of Rescue 53: Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad again and again.

*With Lily trailing behind her and copying her every move.

**For part of ride, Eden desired to be a veterinarian. That was probably based upon Hayley sharing her vocational interest. But Eden moved from being a veterinarian for animals to being a veterinarian for animals/humans to being doctor for humans.

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    That 306 tour is so cool! I might have to show Emma - thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Amy, Mar 17 2010, 21:28
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