Great Lakes Update

Posted by tom | Mar 27, 2010

While serving on the prayer team at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Spring Leadership Team Meetings, I connected with a number of friends from across the movement.  With regard to Great Lakes, I particularly appreciated the opportunity to

  1. be one of the first at the Spring Meetings to see pictures of Ronen Lewis (born 3/22/2010), i.e., the first grandchild of Fred Bailey, Great Lakes East regional director.  May God the Father richly bless Ronen.  May Ronan truly utter joyful sounds/song to the Lord.
  2. room with York Moore and learn more about his current work with The Price of Life Outreach.
  3. chat with Grove City's College's current campus staff member, i.e., Paul Hassell, regarding the increasing involvement of Missionary Kids (MK's) in the InterVarsity Mission Fellowship (IVMF) chapter of which Theresa and I were members.  He shared that they particularly resonated with a series on multi-cultural ministry, which led to an MK panel for large group.  Excellent idea to bridge multi-cultural, bi-cultural, and cross-cultural ministry, wish I could have been there to hear some of the stories.  Reminded me of the joy of growing in Christ as a member of IVMF.
  4. discuss the Emerging Scholars Network with several interested staff.  Pray for new opportunities to develop in Great Lakes.
PS.  For those connected with InterVarsity Staff in Great Lakes/GFM:  Today, while at a gathering of the Brethren in Christ's Atlantic Conference, I met a couple who knew Christian Anible and Cam Anderson.  They shared memories from several decades back about their time on Michigan Tech and Cedar Campus.  I wish that I would have written down their names! It was a great encouragement to share memories of God's great work through Christian and Cam during their time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  We miss Christian greatly, but know that his musical gifts are being offered in the presence of our King right now.
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