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Posted by tom | Jul 25, 2010
Note: As part of a recent BIC-TALK conversation, an inquiry was made regarding French Huguenots. It became the genesis of the below post ;-)

I've met several descendants of French Huguenots, including the seminar instructor for my first term of Grove City College's Core Curriculum.  Although born in the United States, she had grown up in a family which had never disconnected from it's Huguenot faith, ethnicity, and culture (including speaking French). 

During my first year in college I had much to criticize with regard to the Christian faith.  I was wrestling with recent issues in the community of faith in which I had been raised and projected these concerns upon Christian Theology/Church History.  My instructor listened patiently, asked questions, shared her family's story (going back generations), lived as a Christ-follower, and pointed me to next steps in Christian community/exploration of faith (in particular choosing a local congregation which deeply opened the Word of God each week and taking a my second term of Core Curriculum with a faculty who could address/discuss my 'pile of questions).  What an inspirational picture of an Emerging Scholar.  To God be the glory!

If you are unfamiliar with Huguenots and are interested in learning about them this summer, a number of on-line resources are available. For example, Christian History & Biography has issue focused on "The Huguenots,"  A couple articles of particular interest: ("The Huguenots: Recommended Resources." Christian History & Biography. 7/1/2001).  Note:  An on-line bibliography provided by the Historic Huguenot Street (New Paltz, NY) also comes up in a quick google search,  In addition, Historic Huguenot Street has a number of research tools for family history/ancestry. ("Huguenots and the Wars of Religion: Did You Know?  Interesting & unusual facts about the Huguenots—and their enemies." Christian History & Biography. 7/1/2001.) (
Martin I. Klauber. "Reformation on the Run:  Lacking political protection or religious freedom, French Reformed thinkers forged a unique expression of faith.Christian History & Biography. 7/1/2001.) (Bertrand Van Ruymbeke. "Escape from Babylon:  As repression became a way of life in France, Huguenots faced three choices: convert, go underground, or risk everything to reach le Refuge.Christian History & Biography. 7/1/2001.) -- Note:  may be of particular interest because discusses when/where Huguenots settled in the United States and how they have related to their history.
If you end up reading on the Huguenots while at the beach, cabin, park, or porch this summer, then let me know what you think about their faith journey as individuals, families, and/or a people.
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