Tron cometh again

Posted by tom | Jul 27, 2010

How about PR and making "must attend" movie openings, e.g., Marketing ‘Tron: Legacy’ Brings the Hardest Sell Yet (Brooks Barnes, NY Times. 7/26/2010).

“If this thing isn’t a hit,” said John Juarez, a Comic-Con attendee, “somebody at Disney is going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

Yes, it's a business with the importance of getting material on screen which will sell and being sure to lock-down advance ads (Brooks Barnes. "Screenvision to Revamp Preshow Ads at Cinemas." NY Times. 7/26/2010.  Some complementary thoughts shared in yesterday's post: "A fan of a critic ...,"

One of several trailers emphasizing a variety of threads:

Do you remember in 1982 when we heard, "In the future video game battles will be a matter of life or death"?  I think that I liked Jeff Bridges more "back in the day."


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