Eden's enjoying Kindergarten

Posted by tom | Sep 7, 2010

Praise God for a good first four days of school for the girls! All three girls have found their teachers to be great matches. 

AND Eden was ready to go. Your prayers moved the heart of God. He worked through all the prep/patience/training of the past several years and summer focus.  Thank-you to all those who helped along the way in our family context, local congregation activities, the community, preschool programming, and the Kindergarten itself.

  • Eden's first impression of the bus:  "Isn't it illegal not to have seatbelts."  Note:  we rode on a regular bus for the Kindergarten Open House the week before school started.  She was so relieved to have a seat belt on her bus.  A parent's dream with regard to car safety?
  • Eden's first impressions of Kindergarten: They have a library!!! And she got to bring home a book! And it's about going to the doctor! Could life get any better? AND, she was so busy she didn't even remember that she wasn't getting a snack (she had been very upset to find out there was no snack).
  • Key to getting her to go with joy to the last day of the first week:  Art class.  She couldn't wait for this opportunity and it was good.  She couldn't believe when I was using the backside of one of her pieces for directions.  BTW, she loved music the day before.
  • Last day of the first week: "Mom, Mom! Listen to this. This is amazing! Today, our teacher, brought a snack and said we could have some animal cookies if we wanted them!!!" (This kids likes her snacks; can you tell?)

Continue to pray for good sleep for all in the house as we enter the next four days of school. And for each & every one of us to wake up filled w/the fruit of the Spirit, growing more into the likeness of Christ Jesus every step of the way.

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