The Wonder Drug of Kindergarten

Posted by tom | Sep 11, 2010

On Friday morning around 6 am, Eden shared her lack of interest in going to Kindergarten.  This was overcome by a dress-up time in one of twins old cheerleading outfits.  Dressed as a cheerleader, Eden quietly emptied some kitchen drawers and began designing "a project to bring to school."  What was she doing?  She was trying to write her name on some storage containers with a pencil.  After further discussion, she opted for writing her name on the back of a piece of paper.  When she saw I handed her the backside of a worksheet she brought home from school she responded, "You're in big trouble." (Note:  She's concerned about this trend of seeing her papers from school used as scrap paper).  And then proceeded to draw a picture of a cat and dog instead of writing her name.

Once her new project was finished, she was ready to dress for school and have "what we had for dinner last night" (i.e., french toast).  While Eden ate her french toast without syrup (so she didn't get her school clothes sticky -- her idea!), we finished a "call/response" reading of Phil A. Smouse's I Can Read God's Word. She choose the book because she "loves the pictures." During some of the sections she answered the questions, instead of repeating the text after me. But it was good to hear what she had to say.  FYI: PDF excerpt from I Can Read God's Word posted here.

As Theresa shared on Facebook, "I'm beginning to think that Kindergarten is a wonder drug for Eden! Yippee!!"  After some comments, she expanded, "[Eden's] Not sleeping any better, but just acting more her age.  Becoming more independent and a wee bit more reasonable.  I love hearing about her morning when she gets home.  She's always SO excited to tell everyone what she did.  I wish I was a fly on the wall at kindergarten.  I'm fortunate to have "Aunt Lois" there to spy for me :)"

Comment from Tom:   It's also been a wonder drug for Theresa ;-)  BTW, Eden has been sleeping later in the morning, even going back to bed some.  Where does that come from?

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