Thoughts on "Do Christians Overemphasize Christmas?"

Posted by tom | Dec 26, 2010

HT Mike for bringing attention to Do Christians Overemphasize Christmas? (John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture. Wall Street Journal. 12/24/2010).

As I posted on Facebook,

Yes, that's why our family celebrates Advent followed by Christmas followed by Epiphany* instead of a month plus of cultural Christmas, even if it's Evangelical Subculture Christmas. Our practice of Advent is an intentional retelling of the Biblical story/narrative in order to train our children to navigate all that they're surrounded by. I find this isn't as necessary to drill Christmas into Lent/Easter/Ascension or 'regular' calendar, which in our house comes to a joyous conclusion in our celebration of New Heaven/Earth at Thanksgiving. Why? Christmas is just plain hard for kids to forget.  They bring it up when we talk about the Biblical story ;-) 

... I think that one of the challenging pieces of Advent/Christmas celebration with children (in the home and the local congregation) is that 'they were there' last year, they 'mature' each year, and others continue to be added their number each year (although not the case in every family every year, except for some of the Amish!). Finding ways to teach which speak across the generations, particularly which enable the maturing children to teach the younger children is vital. [Note:  I gave the example of Advent candles as a powerful teaching tool. I would add the teaching of the sacred texts, songs, and continuing development of some traditions.  Theresa finds great value in the traditions which deliver/speak the Truth of the Gospel to the larger familial and cultural milieu, particularly in a bridge-building manner].

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*our wise men are across the room on top of a bookshelf ;-)

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