Dangers of religious writing/discussion?

Posted by tom | Jan 28, 2011

As I reflect upon Christmas, I have not found writing/discussing about "religious matters" of great difficulty.  But Walter Russell Mead has:

"religious writing stirs up powerful and sometimes angry feelings. There’s a reason why our grandmothers told us never to discuss politics and religion at the dinner table." -- Yule Blog 2010-11: Dwelling in Darkness, Seeing A Light (The American Interest. 1/5/2011). HT:  Miller.

I wonder if Walter Russell Mead has a different flavor to his writing, if I have a more sympathetic audience, or ________ . As I've mentioned before, the most challenging aspect for me through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany is the call to become more like Christ ... leading me to continually cry out for the continued blessing/gift of the Fruit of the Spirit.  How about you?  Thoughts as you reflect upon "the holidays"?

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