Friendships and 'Friending'?

Posted by tom | May 5, 2011

Over a month ago a friend asked me,

How do you see today the problem of real connections not only across generational lines, but even within same generation?  Where might these connections take place and what is preventing these connections today?  I'm assuming that Facebook is a weak attempt at connections?  Why?

I still haven't really responded well, but today I noticed a new InterVarsity Press book and passed the information along.  If you're interested in the topic, Friending: Real Relationships in a Virtual World (Lynne M. Baab) may be worth a read.

Friending. Lynne M. Baab. InterVarsity Press. 2011.

I'll not be able to give "Friending" attention until the summer ... If you have thoughts on the topic, please share them.

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