"Blue Like Jazz" Trailer -- like it?

Posted by tom | Jun 8, 2011

Thoughts on the "Blue Like Jazz" trailer's portrayal of Reed College (& possibly higher ed) or "Blue Like Jazz" (the book)?

For those unfamiliar with "Blue Like Jazz" (book by Donald Miller, http://donmilleris.com/books/), you may have interest in Theresa's brief book review/summary. Personally I'm interested in trying to watch the film 'on a clean slate.' I think that Steve Taylor/Donald Miller's creation of the cultural artifact of a film will be difficult for me to appreciate if I try to compare it with how I 'stepped into the narrative of the book.' I wonder how I'd respond to a 'second reading of the book,' especially if it were to be more analytical in nature. Although I enjoyed some of the bold storytelling, I found it hard to finish. The press of a book discussion or writing a book review would have helped :)

PS. You may have interest in Micheal Hickerson's critique of Donald Miller's "Who Should Lead the Church?" (Relevant) for the ESN Blog, Jesus Didn’t Choose Scholars… 

PPS. Material also posted on the Emerging Scholars Network Facebook page.

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