Road Trip: Traveling back in time to "the Grove"

Posted by tom | Sep 23, 2011


In a few hours, through the help of family and friends (thank-you!), Theresa and I will once again make our way back to our alma mater Grove City College. Why? 15th year class reunion at Homecoming.

Above is what I looked like when I began -- Theresa did not authorize the release of 1st-Year photos. But when I have time in the next couple weeks I'll look for photos of high school sweethearts off to college together :)

Maybe on Saturday we'll climb the steps to see my 3rd Floor Ketler Hall from which my room had a great view of Rockwell, which will pass away over the course of the next several years, and the quad whose sacred grass you may now walk upon (!). Can't wait not only to catch-up with friends and faculty, but also to meet students who are part of the InterVarsity Missions Fellowship and the Biology Department (connecting w/"old professors" and following-up to the interest in another pre-med seminar co-led with GCC alum part who are of PSU-Hershey Chritian Medical Society/CMDA).

PS. 10th Reunion and more.


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