The greatest challenge facing the church

Posted by tom | Jun 19, 2012

Prayer: The Cry For The Kingdom

[T]he greatest challenge facing the church of Jesus Christ today, and therefore every local congregation, is motivating the people of God to engage in sincere, honest, fervant prayer. . . . we must not only pray. We must also reflect on the nature and the working of prayer. As we do so, we discover that ultimately all prayer is a cry for the kingdom. When we come to comprehend this basic truth regarding prayer, we are better equipped to become effective pray-ers for the sake of the kingdom of God.

-- Stanley J. Grenz. Prayer: The Cry For The Kingdom. Revised Edition. Eerdmans: 2005, 1, 7. Reading for a July class on Theology & The Practice of Prayer taught by Laurie Mellinger at Evangelical Seminary (Myerstown, PA).

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