ESN Blog Update

Posted by tom | Jul 2, 2012

In case you haven't already heard, "We just rebuilt the ESN blog. It's better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster." I.e., it has stepped up to the Standard 3.0 theme from @8bit. Way to go Mike!

I've started to work with some of the new formats, check out this morning's post of a quote:

What is the greatest challenge facing the church today?

Yes, it's from a reading for Theology & The Practice of Prayer (2012 Summer Class, Laurie Mellinger, Evangelical Seminary, Myerstown, PA). Class begins tomorrow at 9 am. Can't wait to get started! Today I'm giving attention to lots of reading, advance prep sheet questions, and conversation with God.

In partnership with the church, Evangelical Seminary develops servant leaders for transformational ministry in a broken and complex world by nurturing rigorous minds, passionate hearts, and Christ-centered actions.

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