Olympics: No8 Eric Liddell's 400 metres win, 1924

Posted by tom | Jul 26, 2012

Did you know Scotland didn't have another track Gold medal until 1980? Did you know Eric Liddell was the first person born in China to win an Olympic gold medal on the track (second in 2004) and has been held in great honor in China? Note: China didn't participate in the Olympics until 1952 and it was quite a stir with the struggle for power. 

I have read that in relationship to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing that the Chinese authorities shared the news of Liddell refusing an opportunity to leave the camp during a British-Japanese prisoner exchange, giving his place to a pregnant woman. Apparently this was a previously unknown story, even to the family, but very much an extension of the service he offered as a missionary to the prison camp where he died due to a brain tumor. Note: His wife and children had taken refuge in Canada.

I really appreciated reading 50 stunning Olympic moments: No8 Eric Liddell's 400 metres win, 1924 (Guardian) and visiting The Eric Liddell Centre after watching Chariots of Fire with Theresa and the twins last night (7/25/2012).

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