God's Grace in Higher Education: IVCF article on Tom Grosh

Posted by tom | Aug 4, 2012

Tom Grosh IV at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's National Service Center, Madison, WI. Photo by Gordon Govier.

For a little more of my story and passion for the Emerging Scholars Network, see front page news on http://wwww.ivcf.org:

God's Grace in Higher Education
Over the years, God has taught Tom Grosh many lessons. The most important are about community.


Enjoy! To God be the glory. 

Clarification: Yes our friends from Grove City College have been and continue to be a great encouragement. But “Our undergrad and grad students were some of our closest encouragers through that time of grief and mourning" refers to the Carnegie Mellon U gang. Thank-you to all of the members of the Body of Christ who have walked with us in so many ways.

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