Prayer Request: Eden's intensive 3 week occupational therapy at Schreiber's

Posted by tom | Aug 6, 2012

Prayer request/family update: Today Eden will be starting an intensive 3 week occupational therapy at Schreiber's Pediatric Rehab Center (Lancaster, PA). Pray for patience, strength, and proper direction/care/attentiveness for all involved. Pray for Eden to have continued enthusiasm for the endeavor and to receive healing through the process.

Eden will be at Schreiber's weekday mornings with additional tasks/assignments to be done at home. Eden's dominant arm will be casted, forcing her to use her weaker right arm. It will be very challenging for all of us. We'll all need to be more attentive to Eden to help her not to become discouraged by the frustration. Thankfully Eden is enthusiastic about doing it! She did great for the pre-testing and cast-making!

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