Praise: Eden's intensive 3 week occupational therapy at Schreiber's

Posted by tom | Aug 8, 2012

We rejoice in your continuing prayers for Eden and the family as we press into an intensive 3 week occupational therapy at Schreiber's Pediatric Rehab Center (Lancaster, PA).

Praise: The therapy's going very well. Eden remains enthusiastic about it and is not extremely frustrated, but is really tired at the end of day. It takes a lot of engagement, particularly on Theresa's part at mealtimes (Note: I still cover breakfast, but that's a simpler meal to serve/eat).

Somehow I missed the family opportunity to play honey bee tree by using my toes while Eden used her non-dominant hand, but early in the day I played Disney Yatzee using chopsticks instead of fingers. I must confess that my daughter who helped out did a lot better than me with regard to sticking to the 'no fingers rule.'

We ask you to continue to pray for patience, strength, and proper direction/care/attentiveness for all involved. Pray for Eden to have continued enthusiasm for the endeavor (especially the weekday morning sessions at Schreiber's) and to receive healing through the process.

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