Hear the Call of the Kingdom (Part 2)

Posted by tom | Aug 27, 2012

I found Do People Laugh at Your Vision? an interesting question/post. Thank-you Bill!

As I posted as a Facebook comment:

At times I wonder how many people laugh at me, even laugh at God. During family dinner devotions we've been reading about Elisha. I've pointed out to my children how despite all the amazing work which God did through Elisha, people who knew him and saw him up close doubted the Word and actions of God. An apt foreshadowing of the life of Jesus the Christ.

I pray that like Elisha and Jesus the Christ, God the Father alone shapes my vision, that by the Word and Spirit I dive into the Kingdom Way of Life of growing into Christ-likeness and not something of my own making that I desire God's blessing upon . . .

Yes, Getty's "Hear the Call of the Kingdom," http://www.youtube.com/v/hjRmIEhkHnw, was still ringing in my ears when I was writing this comment.

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