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Posted by tom | Dec 27, 2012

Urbana12 General Session Set-up

Urbana12 begins today in St. Louis. Although a little cold in the exhibitor hall in the America Center (St. Louis, MO), it's been great to help set-up InterVarsity's booths for the Emerging Scholars Network AND the Graduate & Faculty Ministry. I even more look forward to time with the students I see stream in from the Metro, charter buses, cars, etc into the registration hall -- several of whom have already shared with me why they're at Urbana12.

  • [I desire to learn how to] integrate domestic urban poverty awareness and action as a professor.
  • I want to know how Christians show their belief in their business life.
  • [I desire to learn how to do] mission work and health care. I have a Masters in Public Health.
  • Hoping to either re-affirm my calling into academia, or be led elsewhere.
  • Interested in technology in the future of Christian relationships and outreach across cultures.
  • Seeking a clear calling from God to minister the Word.
  • Call to encourage grad students serving God in the sciences.
  • Seeking power and closeness in the Holy Spirit. To lead others to Christ.
  • Emerging Scholars Network and International Student Ministry passion.
  • Accepted Christ as a senior in college. Involved with the Graduate Christian Fellowship. [A yearning to serve God in] marketplace ministry.

What a privilege to serve such a unique ministry of calling and journeying with students in God's global mission!

My first Urbana was in 1993 as a sophomore at Grove City College and it's what gave me a vision for whole campus ministry across the globe . . . . Who would have guessed I'd still be engaged in such a mission nearly twenty years later? 16,000 participants and 3,0000+ speakers, resource people, and InterVarsity staff gathered in one place. May we truly are hear God's call to our next steps in His world mission.To God be the glory!

If you're not at Urbana12, but desire to take a peak or follow along, then check out



I'd appreciate your prayers for my strength as I engage head, heart, and hands in connecting with Emerging Scholars and potential partners in mission (e.g., future bloggers, new members of ESN, seminar leaders, faculty who desire to serve as mentors and be interviewed for the encouragement of the next generation). In addition, pray for Theresa as she manages the house with me out of town for a week. Thank-you for standing with us in prayer, encouragement, and support! This work is greatly enriched by the people of God coming alongside these labors. To God be the glory!

Our Mission: "To establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities that follow Jesus"

Our Vision: "To see students and faculty transformed. Campuses renewed. World changers developed."

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