Super Bowl Prep

Posted by tom | Feb 3, 2013

I watched and discussed “Killing Us Softly 4 – Trailer [Featuring Jean Kilbourne],”, with my teen daughters. I’ve emphasized in ministry (including our household) that one becomes an adult somewhere between the age of 12 and 13.

Our family didn’t watch the Super Bowl or attend a Super Bowl Party. Yes, I’ve done such in the past as a bridgebuilder/outreach, especially when in Pittsburgh with the Steelers in the Super Bowl :) Yes, my teenage girls gave it a look every now and then, but they didn’t find the game of much interest (even the Half Time Show) — except the Facebook chatter about “the loss of power.”

Adam's A Letter to My Eight-Year-Old Daughter on Super Bowl Sunday inspires me to brain storm and propose some alternative/related Culture Making opportunities . . .

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