Christian faith isn't a general religious awareness

Posted by tom | Feb 6, 2013

"Christian faith isn't a general religious awareness. Nor is it the ability to believe several unlikely propositions. It is certainly not a kind of gullibility which would put us out of touch with any genuine reality. It is the faith which hears the story of Jesus, including the announcement that he is the world's true Lord, and responds from the heart with a surge of grateful love that says: "Yes, Jesus is Lord. He died for my sins. God raised him from the dead. This is the center of everything." Whether you come to this faith in a blinding flash or by a long, slow, winding route, once you get to this point you are (whether you realize it or not) wearing the badge which marks you out as part of the church, on an equal footing with every other Christian who ever lived. You are discovering what it means to wake up and find yourself in God's new world." -- N.T. Wright. "Simply Christian" (Harper, 2006, 209-210).

Yes, I'm inviting you to read along and consider the material which we'll be not only discuss, but also seek to apply with "head, heart, and hands" at today's faculty lunch discussion group at Penn State University - Harrisburg. If you're currently in a book discussion, please let me know what you're discussing. I'd love to have you share "a snapshot" or a summary of what you're reading/learning and how your apply this material.

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