Recipe: Pickled Beets

Posted by tom | Mar 4, 2013

A friend on Facebook asked Theresa for a pickled beets recipe, so I thought I'd share the wealth of a a favorite of mine :)

Cook, peel and slice the beets.

The recommended raspberry vinegar is "Maitre Jacques Rasp. French Wine Vinegar, but you can use any brand.

Syrup: 2 cups sugar, 1 c. water, 2 bottles vinegar.

Mix together and heat to dissolve sugar.

Now this recipe is for 12-15 medium sized beets and 2 dozen hard boiled eggs. So adjust the proportions for the amount of beets you have (and minus the eggs). Use just enough syrup to cover the beets.

The beets are best after they sit for a day or 2.

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