Prayer request: Job security in research/higher ed

Posted by tom | Apr 26, 2013

Pray for those who are facing challenges to their positions in research/higher education. Pray for those who are losing positions and those seeking positions.

This evening I received a call regarding one who has lost a position today. Rejoice with me that God is a visible healing presence through His people. Pray for renewal and the realization that worth is not based on position, but being created in the image of God and renewed/restored in Jesus the Christ. Pray for healing and discernment in next steps. As you have prayer requests related to higher education, email

Knowing God Review on ESN Blog

Posted by tom | Apr 25, 2013

Knowing God (J.I. Packer. InterVarsity Press).Best Christian Books of All Time Reviews: Knowing God, Pt. II (John Hundley. Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 4/25/2013). It is so good to be reminded of some of the significant points of this excellent InterVarsity Press book -- foundational not only in my first steps as a Christ-follower and many friends at Grove City College, but for many others (including those with whom I labored with at Carnegie Mellon U when they were students). To God be the glory!

Note: First post in the "Knowing God" series, Third post in series coming next week :)

Joy Run and Creation Care Conversation with the twins

Posted by tom | Apr 23, 2013

A farm in the neighborhood. Taken on the Joy Run with the twins.

"It's better to live lives of joy, lives of neighborly care, lives full of what St John calls agape, or nurturing love, than to live lives constricted by fear. My gratitude goes out to everyone who ran with me, and to the reporters who covered it, and to all people everywhere, who bring joy to the world." -- Excerpt from "Joy Run" (David O'Hara. Slowly Percolating Forms. 4/22/2013).

Comment: Yes, on Sunday in Lancaster County, PA, I too joyfully got out of the house and ran with two of my girls (teenage twins). It had been the first time in a long time that I ran. What a joy to just step out the front door and run :) Yes, I should do this more often with interested parties.

I took the opportunity to discuss with my girls a life filled with the love and joy of God instead of fear when living life in the face of events such as what happened last week in Boston.* One of the twins was still with me to turn around at the landfill on our road, of which we receive a constant reminder by the regular stream of trash trucks going past our front door -- good to run on their "off day"! The landfill brought up the topic of the junk of our lives (multiple levels) and Creation Care**, digging deeper into good soil as we moved from the landfill to farms.

It's a good thing we discussed Creation Care. On Monday evening I learned that Earth Day still hasn't made to the screen of our school district. I remember when I was in high school and a group of us pushed to make Creation Care a concern.*** Maybe the time has come to once again be an advocate in the school district. Whatever the situation in your neighborhood/community, if you missed the opportunity to run and/or discuss these topics earlier this week, I encourage you to start the race. To God be the glory!

PS. Thank-you to David (Joy Run) and Dorothy (Creation Care) for their inspiration!

PPS. Related post: Honoring LU Lingzi. Encountering Evil. Joy Run. (4/19/2013).

*Click here for some reflections from InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty staff from Boston who share on the Emerging Scholars Network blog.

**Click here for a helpful piece from the National Association of Evangelicals and here for some pertinent InterVarsity Press books at 30% off :)

***As some of you know (even remember), Creation Care was a significant part of the inspiration of my study of Biology at Grove City College. I should "un-earth" some of the photos from that "era," particularly with Marietta Day only a few weeks away :)

Early Last Friday Morning (Boston) -- ESN Blog Post

Posted by tom | Apr 22, 2013

Yesterday Heather, InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministry (GFM), shared some of her response to the events of Boston Marathon 2013 (Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 4/21/2013). Today Michael, another colleague with GFM, provides additional insight with a focus on international students (Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 4/21/2013). I urge you to continue to join me in prayer for the discernment of InterVarsity colleagues who serve and students/faculty who are involved with our over 50 chapters in the Boston area. 

Related post: Honoring LU Lingzi. Encountering Evil. Joy Run. (4/19/2013).

Honoring LU Lingzi. Encountering Evil. Joy Run.

Posted by tom | Apr 19, 2013

LU Lingzi, the BU graduate student who was one of three people killed in the Boston Marathon bomb attacks on April 15. Photo linked from Scholarship Will Honor LU Lingzi (BU Today. Boston University. 4/18/2013). I encourage you to read this rich article.* As shared earlier on InterVarsity's Facebook Wall:

We [InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA] are sad to confirm that Lingzi Lu, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, was a friend of members of our InterVarsity International Student Ministry at Boston University and attended a retreat last fall at Toah Nipi Retreat Center. Join us in praying for her family and the chapter at BU.

In addition, pray for campus renewal. At the top of the article page:

The University is closed and classes are cancelled today. Please stay inside and avoid windows. Be attentive to news developments. BU police will be patrolling the campus and monitoring the situation. Updates will follow as information becomes available. Please monitor BU Today at

On InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Wall, we highlight these articles along with a number of other pieces including these related materials such as . . .

*Other articles regarding LU Lingzi which have come to my attention include: Grad Student With Eye on Career in Finance Is Mourned in China, Mourning the BombingsChinese Pour Out Grief for Student: At Boston University, 23-Year-Old Embraced U.S. Culture; Outpouring on Chinese Internet: 'Heaven Has No Bombs'

Update: 4/19/2013. 10:17 am.

4/21 How it fits together: God's plan of redemption through history

Posted by tom | Apr 19, 2013

4/19/2013 Carol Kaminski, PhD. Christian Scholar Series.

Pray for God's insight both to Carol as she presents and Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church as they receive what she has to share with us.* If you are in South Central PA and do not have other obligations, please feel free to join us for part/all of the morning . . . 

  • 8:30 & 11:00 am services: "Genesis 1: The God Who Speaks."
  • 10:05-10:45 am: "How it fits together: God's plan of redemption through history."

For more on the morning, click here. To learn more about the Christian Scholar Series, a partnership of Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church and InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network click here.

*Carol Kaminski, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. Kaminski believes that the Church desperately needs to renew its commitment to teach the Old Testament. Her CASKET Timeline, CASKET EMPTY: God's Plan of Redemption Through History, part of the CASKET EMPTY Bible Series (, enables people to see visually how the Old Testament story progresses through six major redemptive periods, enabling them to locate key people, events, and biblical books in their historical-redemptive context. Her forthcoming book, Was Noah Good?: Finding Favour in the Flood Narrative, is due to be released this spring. Looking forward to reviewing these materials.

IVCF/Groshes: March Madness. Prayer. Gatherings. Year End

Posted by tom | Apr 18, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We rejoice in your loving care and prayerful partnership with our family as we engage in the Gospel mission. As we seek to improve our sharing of the mission

  • we're rolling out a new monthly prayer/newsletter format -- click here for a PDF of our April prayer/event calendar.
    • Note: We would love to have your feedback not only on the new newsletter format, but also other ways that we can better communicate our labors via, Facebook, etc. If you are not already receiving this communication by email and you desire to do such, please email us.
  • Keri Wyatt Kentwe're hosting a gathering in South Central PA with author Keri Wyatt Kent on Tuesday, May 14, 7 pm at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church. For more information on "Deeply Loved: Extending the Heart of Jesus with Tom & Theresa Grosh," please visit the Groshlink and/or Facebook event posts.

Summer 2012. Photo by & courtesy of Marci Weidler, Circle of Life Photography.As you may remember our fiscal year ends on June 30. Due to the economy and some shifts in support by some local congregations we are presently $6,071 short of raising our annual campus ministry budget of $100,000. I'll give a summary of our year end projected giving in May. We continue to trust the LORD for his provision. He has always supplied for our needs above and beyond our human based expectations. If you have the ability to partner with us financially, please visit

One final note: If you haven't already checked out the Emerging Scholars Network's March Madness, please be sure to check out the winner and the breakdown of the stats -- thank-you Andy! Amazingly, visits to the ESN Blog and Facebook wall shot through the roof as we played out a tournament envisioned/discussed at Urbana12 as a way to engage Emerging Scholars with the wider world of Christian literature -- thank-you Mike! Pray for next steps of Christian devotional reading, conversation, and discussion (Best Christian Books of All Time Reviews: Knowing God, Pt. I went up today -- thank-you John!). Maybe we'll host a revised tournament in 2014 :)

To God be the glory!

Winner: The Best Christian Book of All Time is . . .

Posted by tom | Apr 8, 2013

"Confessions" by AugustineOn Friday, The Best Christian Book of All Time: The Winner was posted by Mike on the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Blog. This morning, Andy posted The Best Christian Book of All Time: By the Numbers.

TY to Mike for the genesis and running of ESN's form of March Madness, the many enthusiastic participants who made it a blast(!), and Andy for participating/assessing! The book reading and discussion continues . . . to the glory of God. I'll try my best to keep you updated on Groshlink, but I'd encourage you to subscribe to the ESN Blog and ESN Facebook Wall to keep up with the growing on-line community.

Best Christian Book of ALL TIME -- Finalists announced!

Posted by tom | Apr 3, 2013

The two finalists for the Best Christian Book of ALL TIME have been chosen. Who will win? These two titles (and many of the others in the tournament) have been a great blessing in drawing me closer to Christ, how about you. Anyone interested in an on-line book discussion on one/both in coming months?

Final Four of Best Christian Book of All Time

Posted by tom | Apr 1, 2013

Yes, it's the FINAL FOUR . . . of the Best Christian Book of ALL TIME Tournament! The voting has begun and the conversation/commentary continue. AND yes, a number of people have let us know that they are already sharpening their skills and preparation for an upgraded ESN March Madness in 2014 ;) 

Will Mere Christianity take it all or will it fall before reaching the finals? Time for the Fellowship of the Ring to band together, but how can I refrain from voting for ___________ ? To read the breakdown visit To vote go to the Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Wall.