Joy Run and Creation Care Conversation with the twins

Posted by tom | Apr 23, 2013

A farm in the neighborhood. Taken on the Joy Run with the twins.

"It's better to live lives of joy, lives of neighborly care, lives full of what St John calls agape, or nurturing love, than to live lives constricted by fear. My gratitude goes out to everyone who ran with me, and to the reporters who covered it, and to all people everywhere, who bring joy to the world." -- Excerpt from "Joy Run" (David O'Hara. Slowly Percolating Forms. 4/22/2013).

Comment: Yes, on Sunday in Lancaster County, PA, I too joyfully got out of the house and ran with two of my girls (teenage twins). It had been the first time in a long time that I ran. What a joy to just step out the front door and run :) Yes, I should do this more often with interested parties.

I took the opportunity to discuss with my girls a life filled with the love and joy of God instead of fear when living life in the face of events such as what happened last week in Boston.* One of the twins was still with me to turn around at the landfill on our road, of which we receive a constant reminder by the regular stream of trash trucks going past our front door -- good to run on their "off day"! The landfill brought up the topic of the junk of our lives (multiple levels) and Creation Care**, digging deeper into good soil as we moved from the landfill to farms.

It's a good thing we discussed Creation Care. On Monday evening I learned that Earth Day still hasn't made to the screen of our school district. I remember when I was in high school and a group of us pushed to make Creation Care a concern.*** Maybe the time has come to once again be an advocate in the school district. Whatever the situation in your neighborhood/community, if you missed the opportunity to run and/or discuss these topics earlier this week, I encourage you to start the race. To God be the glory!

PS. Thank-you to David (Joy Run) and Dorothy (Creation Care) for their inspiration!

PPS. Related post: Honoring LU Lingzi. Encountering Evil. Joy Run. (4/19/2013).

*Click here for some reflections from InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty staff from Boston who share on the Emerging Scholars Network blog.

**Click here for a helpful piece from the National Association of Evangelicals and here for some pertinent InterVarsity Press books at 30% off :)

***As some of you know (even remember), Creation Care was a significant part of the inspiration of my study of Biology at Grove City College. I should "un-earth" some of the photos from that "era," particularly with Marietta Day only a few weeks away :)

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