Investing in a Strategic Ministry -- Year End Giving 2013

Posted by tom | Jun 24, 2013

On Saturday I had an uplifting conversation with a Carnegie Mellon alumnus who underscored to me that he invests in strategic ministries. And yes, he considers our labors with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA to be strategic. As I reflect upon it, the whole past week was filled with various alumni, Emerging Scholars, health care professionals, InterVarsity staff, and partners in ministry from over the course of our seventeen years of ministry sharing insights and resources to enable us to take significant steps forward to shape A Dialogical Campus Ministry. Such is the amazing work of the Kingdom of God! To God be the glory!

A quick update on our year end giving. We're almost "in the black." . . . The combination of our received/committed contributions places us within about $3,000 of our $100,000 annual ministry budget. Wow! God provides! This morning as we leave for Joni & Friends Family Camp '13, we depart with the confidence God provides through his people and that He longs for the Emerging Scholars Network and the Christian Medical Society/CMDA at the Penn State College of Medicine to extend the kingdom of God . . . the members to be salt, light, and leaven where they have been placed in mission.

If you have the ability to help our family close the gap to finish in the black on June 30 (or start our next fiscal year well), please contact us and/or go directly to

Note 1: If you've already given toward this year end request, please consider this communication one which 'keeps you in the loop,' spurs you to intercede on our behalf, and/or encourages you to share our family's year request with others, e.g., missions committee, pastor, small group.

Note 2: IVCF/Groshes: Investing in Culture Makers (Thomas B. Grosh IV. Groshlink. 5/29/2013).

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