ESN Blog: A New Awakening? Creation Care & the Lausanne Movement

Posted by tom | Jul 23, 2013

"The 'whole gospel' includes caring for God’s creation." --  Ed Brown's (Care of Creation) opening of A New Awakening? Creation Care & the Lausanne Movement (Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 7/23/2013).

Comment: It was great to connect with Ed at Urbana12 and I'm really looking forward to this 4-part series. Please swing by the post to learn about the growth of creation care in Evangelicalism. To God be the glory! 

"In Christ Alone" playing on ATC :)

Posted by tom | Jul 9, 2013

"In Christ Alone" playing and the story of the Getty family on "All Things Considered." That's "Good News". To God be the glory!

In case you missed it . . . Modern Hymn Writers Aim To Take Back Sunday (Blake Farmer. NPR: All Things Considered. 4:05).

The Three Gifts Julian of Norwich Desired from God

Posted by tom | Jul 8, 2013

"Julian [of Norwich 1342-c.1416] begins by telling of her desire for three gifts from God: imaginative identification with Christ's suffering on the cross, bodily sickness in youth to the verge of death and three 'wounds' of contrition, compassion, and longing for God." -- A.C. Spearing. "Introduction." Julian of Norwich. "Revelations of Divine Love." Trans. Elizabeth Spearing. London: Penguin Group, 1998, xiv. Today's Christian Devotional Classics Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Wall post includes an extended personal reflection on suffering. For a longer, but slightly older reflection read One more day when you can live your life.

Note: Yesterday, after sharing during an adult Sunday school class discussion, I was once again struck that it is time to update One more day when you can live your life.

Back from Joni & Friends Family Camp

Posted by tom | Jul 5, 2013

Family Photo with friends at Joni CampWe rejoice in your prayers for our family as we journeyed to/from and participated in our second annual Joni & Friends Family Camp. This year the theme "Press On!" was supplimented by race car driving theme -- we even watched "Cars" on an outdoor inflatable screen, the younger ones siting with popcorn and icees in cars made out of cardboard boxes!

The children were fully engaged by well planned, Christ-centered activities and helpers (included in the photo) throughout the whole week. No doubt it helped our time this year that Theresa and I had a much better sense of the limits of family members, including our own, when engaged in such a full week :) 

Still catching up on some 2012-2013 year end closure for InterVarsity, none-the-less hoping to go to Joni & Friends Family Camp at Spruce Lake next year. I'm particularly excited that Spruce Lake's new facility will provide incredible access/services for those with disabiltites. Their continued partnership with Joni & Friends is blessing. To God be the glory! 

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." -- Philippians 3:14 (NIV). 

"On The Teaching of Truth. . . ." at ESN's FB Wall

Posted by tom | Jul 5, 2013

"On The Teaching of Truth. . . . Truly, 'we have eyes and see not': for what concern to us are such things as genera and species. . . ." -- I wrestle with this quote and some additional material from Thomas à Kempis' "The Imitation of Christ" at the Emerging Scholars Network FB Wall, Please swing by to check out the material and share some of your thoughts.

O Christ, who rules the power of the sea and quells its raging waves . . .

Posted by tom | Jul 4, 2013

"O Christ, who rules the power of the sea and quells its raging waves, come near and help me! Scatter the nations that delight in war, and overcome them in Your strength. Display Your mighty power, I pray, and throw Yourself glorious in might; I have no hope nor refuge but in You, O Lord my God." -- Thomas à Kempis. "The Imitation of Christ." Trans. Leo Sherley-Price. London: Penguin Group, 1952, 140. Note: Book III, Chapter 34.

For deeper reflection and additional encouragement for prayer stimulated by reading  Thomas à Kempis, visit "O Christ, who rules the power of the sea and quells its raging waves . . .",