The Three Gifts Julian of Norwich Desired from God

Posted by tom | Jul 8, 2013

"Julian [of Norwich 1342-c.1416] begins by telling of her desire for three gifts from God: imaginative identification with Christ's suffering on the cross, bodily sickness in youth to the verge of death and three 'wounds' of contrition, compassion, and longing for God." -- A.C. Spearing. "Introduction." Julian of Norwich. "Revelations of Divine Love." Trans. Elizabeth Spearing. London: Penguin Group, 1998, xiv. Today's Christian Devotional Classics Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Wall post includes an extended personal reflection on suffering. For a longer, but slightly older reflection read One more day when you can live your life.

Note: Yesterday, after sharing during an adult Sunday school class discussion, I was once again struck that it is time to update One more day when you can live your life.

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