The Well: Work in Progress: Finding the Shape of my Vocation

Posted by tom | Aug 30, 2013

Work in Progress: Finding the Shape of my Vocation -- Hannah Eagleson. InterVarsity's The Well. 8/26/2013.

Comment: Thank-you to The Well for publishing this rich piece! This week the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Facebook Wall highlighted Hannah's series What I Wish I’d Known About Graduate School. If you're considering graduate school, in graduate school, graduating grad school, and/or have friends in the process, I encourage you to read both the post on The Well and the series on ESN. AND then share with friends (possibly including a fellowship). 

A little bit more of the story . . . It was great to introduce Craig Gartland (the Director of InterVarsity's Faculty Ministry/Emerging Scholars Network) to Hannah and Nathan (another ESN contributor) over breakfast at Folklore Coffee & Co. What a beautiful meeting place for a number of the the ideas and people part of a "local hub" for the Emerging Scholars Network. To God be the glory!

An invitation . . . Please let me know if you're interested in writing about the grad school experience or helping ESN gather local hubs of conversation regarding the transformation of students and faculty, campus renewal, and developing world changers (in particular scholars sharing their blessing on campus and beyond). Looking forward to Hannah's fall contributions to the ESN Blog. Stay tuned :)

ESN Blog: Faithfulness In the Preparation

Posted by tom | Aug 26, 2013

In Faithfulness In the Preparation, Monica Greenwood (pseudonym) shares about her recent GRE prep/completion with Emerging Scholars. As the title suggests, the application goes beyond the GRE.

I found the post particularly applicable to the context of my current labors among graduate and medical students at Penn State College of Medicine through the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA. AND all the more so due to a recent conversation with a resident and her husband.

During that time they touched on the importance of a Christ-centered life (including relationships and habits) in the midst of the high pressure, not just of vocation but also in raising two young children. What a joy to hear them share how much they have learned about the value of rest/Sabbath for their daily life on the Way AND how they seek to extend this Life to others. May others receive the Truth which they, Monica, and many  Emerging Scholars share through word, life, and deed. To God the glory!

CMS/CMDA: Tom & Theresa on "The Call to Care"

Posted by tom | Aug 21, 2013

On Tuesday, August 20, Thomas and Theresa were interviewed on "The Call to Care" during the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA's lunch lecture at Penn State College of Medicine. Thank-you to those have who been praying for, encouraging, and supporting in many ways our labors on campus this term, even praying for this gathering in particular. The time was beautiful. What a joy to serve future academics, health care professionals, and researchers through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Emerging Scholars Network/Christian Medical & Dental Associations. To God be the glory!

PS. For a glimpse of (and to fill out) some of the material they drew from visit God at Work (Theresa), One More Day: Spiritual Autobiography (Tom) and Loving God in the Flesh in the Real World (Tom). Pictures are posted as part of the 2013 PSU-Hershey CMS Photo Album. Audio of the interview is posted here.

ESN Blog: Hot off the Press: Campus Resources from IVP '13

Posted by tom | Aug 21, 2013

Hot off the Press: Campus Resources from IVP '13* is a "hot" post. Lots of people visiting the post and sharing with me on Facebook/email their appreciation of the resource. If you haven't already done such, I encourage you to enjoy some of the fruit of the Emerging Scholars Network's partnership with InterVarsity Press and possibly even help us take this campus resource "another step forward." To God be the glory!

*Thomas B. Grosh IV. Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 8/20/2013. 

ESN Blog: What is a Christian Devotional Classic?

Posted by tom | Aug 9, 2013

Yesterday, inspired by a final exam for Christian Devotional Classics (Evangelical Seminary), I kicked off an Emerging Scholars Network Blog series on Receiving from the Christian Devotional Classics with a post on Thomas Merton & the Desert Fathers. Before going further with the series I thought that it would be helpful to wrestle with the question, What is a Christian Devotional Classic? Desire to join the conversation, pick-up a classic, start a reading group?

ESN Blog: Receiving from the Christian Devotional Classics

Posted by tom | Aug 8, 2013

Starting the new Emerging Scholars Network Blog series on "Receiving from the Christian Devotional Classics" with Thomas Merton & the Desert Fathers. Please feel free to dive in not only to comment, but also to help improve the material :)

"The Jamaica Call to Action (Part 2): Ten 'Calls'" on ESN Blog

Posted by tom | Aug 7, 2013

The Jamaica Call to Action (Part 2): Ten 'Calls' (8/6/2013) -- The third post in the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Blog series on Creation Care & the Lausanne Movement by Ed Brown, Director/CEO of Care of Creation and the Senior Associate for Creation Care for the Lausanne Movement. Thank-you Ed!

Note: The previous posts in the ESN Blog series are

1) "A New Awakening? Creation Care & the Lausanne Movement",

2) "The Jamaica Call to Action (Part 1): Two Convictions",

8/6: Kick-off of Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA

Posted by tom | Aug 6, 2013

Today the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA at Penn State College of Medicine will kick off their fall noon lunch outreach series with an introduction to CMS. Pray for students, particularly those in transition, as the academic year gets rolling.

In addition pray for some changes in the academic schedule which are creating greater challenges for students to connect across the academic years, a particular issue as we seek to provide leadership, hospitality, and mentoring for the younger students. We have one such scheduling conflict today. Pray for discernment and resources to address it.

To learn more about the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA at Penn State College of Medicine visit Note: If you desire to assist with lunch outreach meals, please drop me a line.

2012-2013 Fiscal year finished well

Posted by tom | Aug 5, 2013

Praise: A brief note to let you know that God provided through the Body of Christ the resources for us to finish in the black. This was humbling and honestly hard to believe. But, it should not be the case. Despite the challenges we have faced through the years of service with InterVarsity (January 1996 - ?), God still has His call upon us for this work.

Pray for discernment in fund development in 2013-2014. Over the past 12 months several of our sponsors (individuals and local assemblies) have had to drop support due to changes in their giving ability. Pray for God's provision and care for them. Thank-you to those who have had the means to step into the gap!

Pray for renewal of strength for us as there was not much of a break in campus or on-line ministry. Thank-you for your presence with and encouragement of us each step of the way in these expanding labors for the Kingdom of God. To God be the glory!

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