CMS/CMDA: Tom & Theresa on "The Call to Care"

Posted by tom | Aug 21, 2013

On Tuesday, August 20, Thomas and Theresa were interviewed on "The Call to Care" during the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA's lunch lecture at Penn State College of Medicine. Thank-you to those have who been praying for, encouraging, and supporting in many ways our labors on campus this term, even praying for this gathering in particular. The time was beautiful. What a joy to serve future academics, health care professionals, and researchers through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Emerging Scholars Network/Christian Medical & Dental Associations. To God be the glory!

PS. For a glimpse of (and to fill out) some of the material they drew from visit God at Work (Theresa), One More Day: Spiritual Autobiography (Tom) and Loving God in the Flesh in the Real World (Tom). Pictures are posted as part of the 2013 PSU-Hershey CMS Photo Album. Audio of the interview is posted here.

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