ESN Blog: Faithfulness In the Preparation

Posted by tom | Aug 26, 2013

In Faithfulness In the Preparation, Monica Greenwood (pseudonym) shares about her recent GRE prep/completion with Emerging Scholars. As the title suggests, the application goes beyond the GRE.

I found the post particularly applicable to the context of my current labors among graduate and medical students at Penn State College of Medicine through the Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA. AND all the more so due to a recent conversation with a resident and her husband.

During that time they touched on the importance of a Christ-centered life (including relationships and habits) in the midst of the high pressure, not just of vocation but also in raising two young children. What a joy to hear them share how much they have learned about the value of rest/Sabbath for their daily life on the Way AND how they seek to extend this Life to others. May others receive the Truth which they, Monica, and many  Emerging Scholars share through word, life, and deed. To God the glory!

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