2013 Grosh Family Year End Update

Posted by tom | Nov 30, 2013

2013 Grosh family at the beachWhat a joy to prepare and share the 2013 Grosh Family Year End Update with family and friends -- truly a time of Thanksgiving as we enter the "Advent"-ure of a new year! To God be the glory!

As in the letter, we desire to make a point of saying a heartfelt Thank you! for your prayers and support this year. Our fiscal year ends on June 30, so we get a bit anxious at that time. We were amazed once again at how you gave so generously to help us meet our budget. After 18 years of ministry and fundraising, sometimes it gets “old” to continue to ask for money. But it keeps us humble too — and affirms that God still wants us here. So as you consider all the worthy ministries and organizations you can support in 2014 we pray that God would lead your decisions. And if He leads you to give to our ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate/to/Tom_Grosh), we are extremely grateful.

PS. The photo is from our first real family vacation in four years. We dared the beach and it was worth it! Read more in the letter . . .

ESN Blog: On Technology, Thanksgiving, and Patience

Posted by tom | Nov 29, 2013

Thank-you to The Urban Resident for challenging us in by sharing his wrestling with technolust and offering us a strong reminder that this moment holds its own special and sacred purpose in the narrative of God’s divine history*. May we be good stewards of such a time as this. To God be the glory! 

*The Urban Resident. On Technology, Thanksgiving, and Patience. Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 11/29/2013. http://wp.me/piBaj-3gl.

ESN Blog: The First Thanksgiving

Posted by tom | Nov 28, 2013

The First Thanksgiving: What Makes Good History?* At the very least don't miss the animated short of Timmy's exploration of "The First Thanksgiving" -- my kids love it :)

Yes, I am encouraging you to take the time to intentionally "set the table" for larger conversations regarding who we are, where we came from, and where we're headed. Let's press on in establishing a proper relationship to the "real story" of Thanksgiving and the Big Story of God's work in the midst of this important celebration which spills over into Advent. Don't let Black Friday (and it's push against both celebrations) disrupt the joy and beauty of drawing close to the One who reigns over all of creation and came to us as a baby in order to sacrifice His life to be our Savior. To God be the glory!

Note 1: "Loving God in the Flesh in the Real World" by Thomas B. Grosh IV, http://esn.intervarsity.org/resource/loving-god-flesh-real-world.
Note 2: "Thanksgiving" on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/tag/thanksgiving/.
Note 3: "Advent" on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog, http://blog.emergingscholars.org/tag/advent/. Stay tuned for our 2013 series.

*Thomas B. Grosh IV. Emerging Scholars Network Blog. 11/28/2013.

Building the Emerging Scholars Network

Posted by tom | Nov 21, 2013

The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Facebook Wall reached 1500 "likes" on September 4. Now we're at 1,633.

As I shared on September 5:

Wow! Humbling. I remember when I found it hard to believe we had reached several hundred, let alone 1000. Pray for God's discernment in how to best serve the Kingdom of God through this resource page in relationship to other media (both internal and external to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Emerging Scholars Network). As you have recommendations (or desire to join the team in some manner), please do not hesitate to let me know by emailing me here. . . .

AND it's not just the FB Wall which is growing, below is an example of the interest expressed to me by several of our Emerging Scholars (crossing over 4,000 in 2013):

I read with regularity the ESN blog and the materials that you publish on Facebook. I noticed the other day that you had a post on writing for the ESN blog and I read your links and I would like to pursue that as a possibility.

In the coming weeks this PhD student will post on his personal life as an Emerging Scholar, books which he's found of particular benefit, and several topics of significant concern in higher ed. I have the first series in the editing process. In another sphere: just over the course of the past several days I've received an invitation for ESN to explore co-sponsoring a conference. The conference is across the nation from where I live -- this would be a big next step as we begin the process of developing local hubs of events/activities. More tba.

As the Lord leads you to financially support the encouraging and equipping of the next generation of Christian scholars offered through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Emerging Scholars Network, I ask to prayerfully considering giving a year end gift toward my funding (click here) and/or that of the Emerging Scholars Network (click here). Furthermore, please contact me if you desire to learn more and become more involved with blessing Emerging Scholars (locally and/or nationally). Yes, I have lots of opportunities/ideas :)

Living in the reality that God provides through the people of God not only as we finish this year, but also as we step into 2014. . . .

To God be the glory!

"An Examined Life" -- interview of social historian Edwin Judge

Posted by tom | Nov 20, 2013

Am I in a relationship? What is my individual identity? How do I enter relationship, find my individual identity? Do you question your faith? What brings coherence to your life?

In An Examined Life, social historian Edwin Judge* explores some of the big questions of our age and shares about his personal faith. The interview is by Simon Smart for the Centre for Public Christianity (5/1/2011. 5 min 4 sec).

Additional Centre for Public Christianity interview clips of Edwin Judge available at https://publicchristianity.org/library/person/Edwin-Judge/. On the Emerging Scholars Network FB Wall I have highlighted the below pieces. Please consider and share with others who would receive benefit. To God be the glory! (More)

ESN Blog: Book Review: 'Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy'

Posted by tom | Nov 5, 2013

Book Review: 'Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy' -- Bob Trube. Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Blog. 11/5/2013. Thank-you to Bob for his offering of six takeaways from this lengthy book (624 pages), which as you may remember was the focus of an Adult Elective (Sunday School class) last fall at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church. Well worth the read and the discussion. 

Note: For Bob's review of "The Cost of Discipleship" click here. For ESN's current series on Bonhoeffer's prayer life click here

"Message in a Bottle"?

Posted by tom | Nov 4, 2013

Message in a Bottle (The Police. 1979) came to my attention when reading Transformative Conversations. Does the song resonate with you? More on the Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Wall at https://www.facebook.com/emergingscholars/posts/10151647563866618.

ESN Blog: Christian Devotional Classics

Posted by tom | Nov 2, 2013

In case you've haven't been following the Emering Scholars Network Blog, I wrapped up Christian Devotional Classics with a post on A.W. Tozer and "The Pursuit of God" and have started a series on Who Am I? Bonhoeffer as a Historical Mentor in Prayer. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

As you have reflections/questions regarding Bonhoeffer and his life/writing, please post below, on the ESN blog posts, and/or email via http://www.intervarsity.org/contact/emerging-scholars-network.

The new school year has been great!

Posted by tom | Nov 1, 2013

Please forgive me for taking a break from Groshlink. It has been hard to keep up and one of the reasons has been how well the new academic year has started not only in ministry, but in the home.

One of the greatest joys has been Eden's strong start to the year -- in the classroom, with the therapists, in special activities, at our local congregation. The persistent prayers of the people of God are being heard and we are continuing to press on in the upward hope of Christ Jesus with all the energy we have. Thank-you for your encouragement and partnership. To God be the glory!

PS. Eden has been a great blessing to her younger sister in getting out to the bus in the morning. Another little mom in the house. How many little moms will we have in our house?