"An Examined Life" -- interview of social historian Edwin Judge

Posted by tom | Nov 20, 2013

Am I in a relationship? What is my individual identity? How do I enter relationship, find my individual identity? Do you question your faith? What brings coherence to your life?

In An Examined Life, social historian Edwin Judge* explores some of the big questions of our age and shares about his personal faith. The interview is by Simon Smart for the Centre for Public Christianity (5/1/2011. 5 min 4 sec).

Additional Centre for Public Christianity interview clips of Edwin Judge available at https://publicchristianity.org/library/person/Edwin-Judge/. On the Emerging Scholars Network FB Wall I have highlighted the below pieces. Please consider and share with others who would receive benefit. To God be the glory!

- "History and the test of faith," 8 min 12 sec, https://www.facebook.com/emergingscholars/posts/10151654231686618
- "Testimony: a basis for history. How reliable is it to depend on testimony for the accounts of Jesus?" 4 min 27 sec, https://www.facebook.com/emergingscholars/posts/10151654245211618
- "Atheism, scepticism and belief," 6 min 9 sec, https://www.facebook.com/emergingscholars/posts/10151654245211618

*one of the most important social historians of Christianity and one of Australia's leading intellectuals. Founder of what has come to be called the social-scientific criticism of the New Testament. For Bible scholar Ben Witherington's perspective on Edwin Judge visit http://www.patheos.com/blogs/bibleandculture/2012/01/07/edwin-judge-a-scholar-for-all-ages/.

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