Who is St. Nicholas?

Posted by tom | Dec 7, 2013

St. Nicholas Center -- a great resource, which I came across on Keeping Advent 2013. The question of Who is St. Nicholas? comes up year after year in a variety of contexts and this year it was an educational concern for several of our children.

Going a step further . . . In addition to visiting the on-line St. Nicholas Center, I may invest in The Saint Who Would be Santa Claus. Anyone read the 2012 Baylor U. Press book by Adam C. English (Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Campbell University in North Carolina)? To learn more about this book and the author visit www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/december/better-than-santa.html?paging=off and www.baylorpress.com/Book/339/The_Saint_Who_Would_Be_Santa_Claus.html.

FYI: Experiencing Meaning this Christmas is an earlier Groshlink family post on Santa Claus/St. Nicholas. A number of Advent/Christmas posts on can be found on GroshlinkThe Emerging Scholars Network, and The Well.

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