ESN Blog: Returning to Graduate School

Posted by tom | Dec 9, 2013


Returning to Graduate School – Thoughts by Michael Stell (3) wraps up an excellent Emerging Scholars Network Blog series in  
in which Michael Stell shares his passion for Returning to Graduate School and reflects upon what he is learning. May you find his series a personal encouragement and a resource to share with others.
Please email me if you have a story/reflection to share about your academic journey -- interview, question-answer series, joint project, reflective book review, testimony, media file (audio, pictures, powerpoint, slide show, video . . .). Yes, I am flexible on the format :)
Sharing our stories as a testimony and an encouragement to the people of God in higher ed will be a point of emphasis for the Emerging Scholars Network in 2014. Stay tuned. To God be the glory! 
P.S. More from Michael Stell after the semester is over, including a review of Alister McGrath's recently published biography of C.S. Lewis. Note: For two ESN Blog reviews of McGrath's "The Passionate Intellect", visit


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