IVCF/Groshes: Car and phones as year end concerns: Update

Posted by tom | Dec 28, 2013

As we shared in IVCF/Groshes: Car and phones as year end concerns -- phones were quickly supplied. The phones arrived and were already a great blessing this Christmas. Thank-you to those who prayed for this supply, supplied and support us in order that we can afford a cell phone plan.

Although our concerns are not as dramatic as It's A Wonderful Life, I found the film quite moving when I watched it the other evening with Theresa. What a joy to know that God is our provider to be about his mission through the people of God.

Thank-you to those who have expressed desire to assist with finding, evaluating, and/or funding the purchase of a car. It's been a slow process of gathering input and resources. We desire not to step forward until we have all of the necessary resources. We will keep you posted. Please continue to share leads with us. Thank-you.

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